Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hatfield Critiques His Own Video

I am throwing in this post because I have just viewed the new Jerry's Artarama release, "Fantasy Portraits in the Garden", by Yours Truly.  I have watched dozens of "how to" videos over the years just like you have, and they fall into the category of...."let's watch the grass grow."  My first video "Fantasy Portraits at Sea" falls into this general category.  After the filming of that video, I remember thinking--this is not goint to cut it.  I am surprized that they have sold hundreds.  Anyway, this latest video is a winner!  That's right I am tooting my own accordian!  The superb editing by the Burning Oaks staff--especially April Tolliver--saved the day.

I was doing a workshop in Raleigh and hit upon the idea to bring the whole bunch over to the studio to work with the same model as I was during filming.  Michael Goldstein consented, and away we went.  About 10 or so artists painting along with the great Don Hatfield,  asking questions and receiving instruction and critique on the fly.  Not even that slick outfit Lillyadahl has presented a format like that (I think).

It is too nerve racking to try to paint, teach, critique, and blab simultaneously.  But guess what?--I was created to do just that.  It is a mirror of my crazy art life style which is one interruption after another--non-stop.  I feed off of it.  I have recently discovered that I am ADD, dislexic, and WSS all at once--all three ailaments are in my DNA,  and I have spent a life time creating compensations--(WSS means won't sit still).  Hell, my whole art career is one big compensation for my diffused consciousness.

The video has no lag, no dead space, and no Hatfield looking really stupid.  The integration of the instruction and class interaction is perfectly timed to avoid viewer bordom.  The film swims in some pretty good music too.  In short-- it is seamless.  I expect an avalanch of sales and workshop offers.  I have purchased 2000 copies and have hired a staff of twenty Cal business students and an IT guy to meet the demand.

In short, you need this video--and so do your art buddies.  Now give me your opinion after you view it with the church group, the vet home, the bunko crowd, the Ladies Aid, and the Daughters of the American Revolution--and don't forget the Rotary and Full Gospel Business Ass.  I'll be waiting for your input--Always, Your Humble Don.


  1. hey, the trailer was enough to sell me.
    Can't wait.

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  3. Hi Don,
    Susan m'a parlé de votre vidéo qu'elle possèdera lorsque je serai en visite chez elle prochainement. Je vais avoir la joie de la visionner. Elle me dit que je ne pourrai pas ultérieurement en posséder une car sur mon pc en France je risque de rencontrer une incompatibilité. Dommage très certainement !
    En ce qui concerne votre argumentation sur votre "ADN" et ce qui caractérise votre rapport à la peinture et votre besoin de peindre... Je me retrouve tout à fait dans ce que vous en déduisez, à savoir que votre carrière artistique est une compensation à votre "tête"...
    J'ose espérer que votre traducteur soit à la hauteur de ce que je souhaite vous exprimer!...

  4. I'm really glad you decided to up the ante. Not that I've seen the first video, but if the latest has improved that much then I'm clearly onto a winner! I can't wait to see it! The post had me laughing my arse off actually, and I love how you ended it - "your humble, Don". Brilliant!

    Your not so humble, Heather. x

  5. Don, I watched your art video again today . . . . and you really did GOOD!

    I highly recommend the video and posted about "Fantasy Portraits In The Garden" on my blog. This is too good an art video for any of us to pass up. And the price at Jerry's Artarama is very reasonable.

    Oh by the way, what kind of canvas are you using? Is it oil primed or acrylic primed? Rough or smooth?


  6. wowee wow wow! Guess what came in the mail today?
    I had to watch the video in spurts between phone calls from kids, cooking supper and the normal chaos around here, so I hope to get to sit down seriously and really PAY ATTENTION... but I think I got the big idea at least... forest before trees, dog before fleas... it was fun.
    You go through alot of paper towels. I am so enamored of the luscious color you are able to throw up there with seemingly no effort.
    I saw myself in several of the students. I loved the question/answer and critiques. That's real life. At least you didn't do what one instructor did to me.. take a big paper towel and wipe out the entire canvas.... yikes...
    Would love to know what colors are typically on your palette. what's that green?
    And, seemed like you had all the same brand of brushes. What do you usually use?

    This is a great, great instructional video. The interspersing of painting demo with student questions and critiques is about as close as you can possibly get to actually being in a class, because there is so much to be learned by hearing what other students ask, and how their problems are solved. It was interesting as well to see the student work in progress.

    You do a fantastic job of actually talking and explaining why/what you're doing as you are doing it.. a skill not often demonstrated by many instructors. Did I mention you use alot of paper towels?

    And lastly, doesn't Two Buck Chuck actually cost like $8 now?

  7. Aaaww--Deb--your're just being sweet. Actually we get comped a lot of good wine because Janey, is a big shot in the hospitality thing around here. I use tons of paper towels because they serve as my "banky" (security blanket). I use mostly linen canvas,Galatia by Fredrix--I'll do abig blog and answer all questions as they pour in rather then indvidual notes--soon. Don

  8. Hi Don, I loved your DVD! The only thing (only because my eyes are getting bad)the titles to click on what you want to watch, are hard to read. If they were in Black it would help. When you are painting the "hat" your audio is not very clear, you fade away. I to would like to have seen you go over your palette colors before you started painting. I plan to have my laptop right by my easel & paint along. Good job & thanks for a great price.