Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Just finished this very difficult painting.  It's 36X40 and provided all of the problems of creating likeness, effect of light, composition, atmosphere and a few other things.  One hears many voices doing these commissions--all of which drive me crazy!  Anyway,  I am happy for the work.  I know I can count on Donald Trump to help me.  How do ya like me now?  See ya down the road.  DonI AM DOING A WORKSHOP IN HARBOR SPRINGS, MICHIGAN FROM THURSDAY,  JULY 28 THROUGH SUNDAY, JULY 31.  CALL JULIA MCGRATH AT 248-842-8656 OR EMAIL: for details  HOPE YOU CAN MAKE IT--THIS IS THE 4TH YEAR AND THEY ARE FUN.  YOU CAN CALL ME AT 707-815-5790 ALSO.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Improved Version

34by30 Mother With Child
I went back into this to try and "fix" it.

Friday, January 22, 2016


My niece, Cathy, dug this pic up.  I had never seen it--my Brother, Harold (SC footballer), my Mom (rt), and my Aunt Ruth in the early 60's.  I wept at this one!  Almost all of my dear family, many friends, and acquaintances are gone now.  How I miss them.  Will I see them again?  Does death shut the door forever?  Does the grave have the last word?  Death is an enemy, and no words can make it a friend--certainly, but thanks be to God that His Dear Son defeated death, hell and the grave, and that every knee will one day bow and acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord of all.  A new heaven and a new earth is what I am waiting for--no more tears, fear, separation, or misery.  I have this strange assignment for the duration of my life--that of raising my dear daughter's three orphaned children.  I never envisioned this, but I am beginning to feel like I was created for this task, and that my whole life prior to this time was preparation. God's economy one never knows what he will be summoned to do.

I think of Moses--had it all, screwed up, was run off for 50 years or so--then God gave him something really interesting to do.  So for all of you half--assed christians out there--get ready!  God's love will find you at some point and  give you something interesting to do--guaranteed!  Don't worry you will love it.  Talk to ya down the road.  Don

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Babe in Arms

Did this for the son of an old collector

Saturday, December 12, 2015

CBS 48Hours Airs Rachel's Story Tonight at 10:00PM PST

This is a re-run of Rachel's story.  Four years now and it is still of interest.  For those wishing to donate to Rachel's Children's Fund click on this link  The private school, St. John's Lutheran in Napa, CA, is a magical place for Rachel's kids, Eva (8), Ariel (6), and Alex (4)-- it has given them a beautiful supportive environment.  The funds go to their tuition.  Thanks, Don Hatfield

Monday, September 21, 2015