Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tectonic Shifts In The Art Of Western Civilization Revealed

The weak part of these quickie art lessons is the curious warning that preceeds each section.    The warning should have read--WARNING: TIRED ARTIST  BLABS OLD ART SAWS FOR MASS CONSUMPTION BEFORE FALLING ASLEEP ON CAMERA--or something of that nature.  The major element that I need to add that is critical to understanding these 5 lessons is that I have lost 35 pounds since they were produced.  The encouraging fact is that these incredible video shorts have caused an epidemic of nod-off worldwide.  I am expecting a call from the Smithsonian giving me the induction date when these lessons will be permanately archieved.  Anyway--enough intro.  It should be clear that I am honored to be included in the avalanch of art instruction that litters Youtube.  Now go drink some eggnog and take a nap.  Who loves ya?