Thursday, November 24, 2011

My Darling Janey

Always brings the sunshine

Recent Triple Portrait Commission

This was a difficult portrait.  A profile, a three quarter,  and dead on faces in a made up outdoor context--every figure painter's dream.  The exactitude of portrait work is demanding--Sargent said portraiture is a young man's occupation, and for good reason.  I always swear that I will never accept portrait work,  but I find the challenge engaging, and it pays the bills.  Talk to ya down the road.

O yes, and I did this beach scene quickie for a friend--familiar?  O well, Van Morrison still sings Brown Eyed Girl.  "I love the old stuff--new stuff is boring...." Andrew Wyeth.

Keep Janey and I in your prayers.  God's presence is palpable and miracles are plentiful.  Love you too, Don