Thursday, April 29, 2010


I am posting this for any of my blog followers who may live in the Sacremento area and who may want to attend a four week block of still life workshops presented by Yours Truly.  Call Patris Miller at 916-397-8958 for location, what to bring, time, price, how to act, what to wear, and how to make Don happy.

Each student will have his/her own still life booth and set up and will be able to control the light to facilitate design.  We provide all of the props--just show up with your paints, brushes, canvas, and portable easel--if you have one.  We provide easels if need be.

If you are a beginner--that is best!  Often beginners are less resistant to real instruction than the experienced who can be stuck in cement.

If you are experienced--then get ready to hate me--because you are going to see close up and personal the guts of real representational painting as it is was classically taught and understood by the big boys--who are the big boys?--they are all dead and their work can be viewed in museums only.

If you want to bring your aunt Sophie's Crystal, your sparkling jewelry, your mink boa, and your Ester Williams swim cap to paint--in the hope that you can paint them with my help and sell them to make a contribution to AARP--then, by all means, please don't attend.  This is not a paint and sell class--it is a paint and improve class!

Please visit my website at >< or visit my blog >Ruminating on the Profundities <.  You may view video trailers of my teaching on my website.

I am a nice guy, I am a Christian, but I work hard at not acting like one, I only tell dirty jokes upon request and in private, I brush my teeth 6 times a day to make up for not showering, I am a health food fanatic but I smoke cigars and eat a lot of chocoate just in case.  So don't worry-- just show up and expect to have some fun, meet some artists you may not know, drink some of Patris' 12 day old coffee, and have a general good time.

I make a big point of hands on, mind engaged, heart involved instruction--this is my gift to the art world.  See you next Tuesday.

Yours in the Oil Paint--Don Hatfield


  1. Ah... wish I could be there. Happy painting.

  2. Don, can't wait! see you on Monday....

  3. Let's see.. . Sacramento is 3,487 miles from Jaffrey... I guess the commute would be tough.


  4. Perhaps you mean May 3. Thanks for your continued teaching it works for me. K

  5. An effort, but very tempting. How can one pass up a gift to the art world AND the promise of some abuse?

  6. So Don, is your workshop beginning on April 3 part of your humor too? Wish I was taking it. I know I'd be the pain student stuck in cement, but the knowledge and experience would do me good! Have fun.

  7. Jeemy--I wish you could be there too, brother--Randy--I am ready for a tee time--Deb--I'll pay your gas money--K--I count on you more than you will ever know--Connie--I'll find a way to abuse you even if you don't come since you can dish it out with the best--Susan--we will meet someday--I hust know it!--Thanks to all, Don

  8. Aww, I wish I could be there, but 5000 miles by air is a wee bit of a stretch for me! Shame, I think your acerbic wit would be just the ticket. I hope it goes well for all involved!

  9. The guts of real representational painting...
    that paints an image in my mind that's cool as it gets. Thanks Don!

  10. I got home from work today and saw a package on the table. It was you new cd!
    What a week this was, I swore 3 times and spit once.
    I made a 'samitch' and got a bottled water, shut the shades and put it on.
    Well let me tell ya...
    You were a charm.
    I didn't need to take notes, because you were talking to me, I mean I understood what you were saying.
    Things like observing at a glance, and give your eyes a break.
    Fix what needs to be fixed, try a local color!
    Don't stare the subject,(model) to death.
    I could go on, I want to say more.
    I just finnished watching it with my wife Renee, and wanted to send you a heads up. This is a treat indeed Don!
    I've been in a funk with painting. I want to compose something beautiful. Paint something wonderful, try something new!
    This has inspired me, it's like a kick in the ass!(in a good way!)
    So this weekend I'm going to try your approch, I
    thank you so much for sharing your know-how. I will watch this again, as my head is really thick, but I'm inspired!
    Thanks again Don!

  11. I love your new DVD. Its smart, fun, honest, encouraging, nicely produced and helpful. There are so many moments of you just giving us the truth, plain and plumb and I really like that. I was inthralled with it because I love oil painting and you obviously love teaching. People will have all manner of good things to say about it such as the high quality sound and picture, smart use of multiple cameras, the insightful fly-on-the-wall interchanges with other fellow strugglers and the thoughtful answers you supply. But what I am so grateful for is that it carries concrete and repeatable tools that help me find my way in the private act of my own personal painting - selfish as that may sound. So Don, thank you for being one hell of a good teacher, oil painter and human being. God’s rich blessings right between the eyes!

  12. I keep repeating: "forest before trees.. dog before fleas..."
    does it matter that I am mumbling this while walking through the grocery store?.....

  13. Hello Don,
    It's Patris,
    We made it through our first Still Life class. Although I may not always have the answer or the logistics, I always have the dream and the vision to make it happen. I love you and thank you for being here at S12

  14. It was a great class. You fed our souls and even brought food. For the record, though, thanks for ruining my ability to work from photos. I can't wipe my painting and start over, because of several exposures I took with my new Nikon D5000, NONE have the right colors.

  15. Just wanted to say thank you for going through what you did to make it happen for us yesterday! Even though it may have felt a little crazy for you - it was great for us. You are a gifted teacher and I appreciate your efforts!

  16. Correction: I should have said "Thanks for ruining my ability to be satisfied with working from photos . . ." Just so there's no misunderstanding my smart mouth. :^)

  17. Don,
    I got a chance to watch the video. Thank you for that! It was very inspiring. I loved the new format and the class environment.My favorite part was when you answered the questions at the students easels. And you looked into the camera, and smiled. The questions were very good and the answers really help.
    Now I want to use more paint. And then more paint. Now more paint.
    Well done!

  18. Hope it is not too late to get your DVD I am sending chek today..