Monday, January 26, 2015


I just did a three hour interview with Keith Morrison, the talking head with Dateline. They will air it in the Spring. I don't quite get what they are up to after CBS did their 48Hour thing.  Also 20/20 will do a one hour TV presentation as well--that covers all three major networks.  I think they are going to focus more on Rachel instead of her killer's slapping head " are no bushito.." caper in the courtroom.  This media coverage is bringing attention to my art and has brought in money for Rachel's Children's Fund using the GOFUNDME app.  The money goes directly to St. John's Lutheran School, a prestigious private school that has become Holy Ground for the kids.  The tuition is substantial, but so worth it--the support they get there is incredible!  Eva is in first grade, Ariel in kindergarten, and Alex in pre-school.  About 5 families have "adopted" the kids as their own and seem to follow in Rachel's mothering path--a miracle really.

For those who want to donate, you may follow this link:
This is the link to the video done by the Sacremanto Bee:

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Japanese Vase

Did this 35 years ago--probably the best piece I ever did.  Lost track of it--a dirty old slide representation is all that is left.  Would love to know where it is today.  If anybody out there knows--please let me know--I want to take a digital picture of the original for my upcoming 200 page 11by14 coffee table book to be published in 2064.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Just did this 36by40 for a friend in Texas.