Friday, April 23, 2010

Commission Work

This is a piece I just finished for a collector who wanted four boys on the beach.  He has four grand sons so it seemed fitting.  I am often asked to do works like this by those who want a personal touch,  but they resist "dead-on" portraits.  Sometimes there are requests for certain color harmonies, designs, and sizes to fit a space--all of which can be difficult, yet satisfying to do.  The challenge is to listen to the requirements, and to keep your artistic mojo in high gear when executing the work.  The best results seem to come forth when the client says," whatever feels right--you are the artist."  This work came easily since the trust factor was set in place early on. I feel pretty good about this one--I hope the client does to.  Actually he has not received the original, but he has given approval based on the jpeg I sent. 


  1. Don,
    This piece is BEAUTIFUL! Just like all the others. What is the size? Could you have giclee` prints made before you let it go? This painting is perfect for Florida and it would be a shame not to share it. I believe the market would be ripe for giclees` of the original piece. Count me as a buyer.

  2. Good stuff here, Don. I noticed you did an under drawing for this painting. In the studio you just seem to jump in and go for it. Do you make a distinction in your mind by these two seemingly different approaches?

  3. Don hi!
    I'm trying to write you in my bad english because my friend Susan told me you can't read my french!
    I find your painting very beautiful, full of nice light and i like the life with this ladie (maybe the mother!)and the 4 children. I feel like the atmosphere there is in this painting. It gives me a lot of pleasure and gladness.
    Your work is remarkable and i'm sure your customers will be happy with it. Otherwise they're very fussy about it! Know a fruitcake french loves it and would be very happy to have it every day in front of her!
    See you sooner, best regards and sorry for my bad english!

  4. Sweet Martinealison: I discoverd Google Translator so now you may write me in French--it adds cache to my blog--so please. Yours, Don

  5. Nora: The size is 24by36. I may have it scanned for giclee since you think it would work. Great talking to you. Always, Don

  6. Isn't it great when the client grants 'Artistic
    licence' I think it puts more sense of freedom in the mix!

  7. Beautiful Don. I am always just floored by the way you use color - man oh man. This painting has "staying power" I think - 200 years from now, if we're still on the planet, it will still be beautiful and admired. (you DID use archival materials, right?) :-)