Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thoughts of You From My New Cell

...And here am I, where all things end, and undesirables are hurled--a poor old man without a friend--forgot and lost to all the world--clean out of sight and out of mind--well....maybe it is better so.  We all in life our level find, and mine, I guess is pretty low.

These words from Service seem appropriate at 1:40 AM after painting all day.  Yes I am back at it.  I love it more than ever.  Work is pouring in this month for some reason.  The Hatfield brand is still alive after all these years.  I made $1400.25 last month.  The $1400 was from Social Security, and the 25 cents from a quarter I won on the putting green--I sunk a twenty footer!  I am planning some blockbuster blogs with video attachments--so get ready!  The window over my left shoulder is the first north light source I have ever had in a studio.  My tiny new trash can to my right has a spring loaded lid--whoopee!  The window fan is on the floor because I just removed it from the sill to yell at the neighbors below--"...shut the hell up!" Everything is perfect.  Watch out!  Who loves ya?  Talk to ya later.  l gotta go watch another three hours of TV before the sun rises over Napa Valley, CA.   Don

PS--I have sworn off chew!  I have been tobacco free for 2 hours, 17 minutes and 20, no 27 seconds.   Thought you should know.  There is some chocolate cream pie in the fridge I am going to finish off as a reward.