Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Death Transforms Our Separation

These words say much--but not all.  I found them a little comforting,  but the scriptures and my early catechism are my constant stay.  Donahue is a good brother who died recently yet lives through his ministry of love in his writing.

His vocabulary is not that of Christian Theology--that is his strength and freshness.  His Celtic mysticism provides a rich lens that magnifies the truth of Christ.  It feels like a high jack of sorts, but he really rings my bell.  My days with Janey have been transformative--largely because she embodies, by the providence of God,  so much of what Donahue alludes to.  As the morphine takes hold she is sometimes fuzzy headed--but the smile, the humour, and grace of a fantastic life lived in love and wonder prevails above all--thanks be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus.  Always and Forever,  Don and Janey 


  1. I was there to deliver all three of my children. It was beautiful.
    At the same hospital I was at my wifes death bed. I was holding her when she died. It was tragic.
    She is at peace, I am broken.

  2. Mornin' Don,
    I've read your post three times and watched the video and still am at a loss for words so thought I would just let you know I am here and you are all in my thoughts and prayers.
    May the presence of God be a constant comfort to you and Janey.

  3. A life lived in passion and love, for whom you're with and what you do. God prevailing over, bestowing his grace.

    What more could one want?

    My love to you both.

  4. Bless you my brother and my sister.

  5. I was taken with his brother's tribute. I have had Eternal Echoes on my bookshelf for years, not realizing he had died. It's available anytime, if interested. Picking up Anam Cara at the library today. ♥

  6. wrapping you both up in prayer - You are held by the Everlasting Arms - you are not alone on the journey, and the promises are real and they are true. Hold on to them dear friend.