Saturday, September 18, 2010

Yo Wud Up? Back At It, But Can't Cut It!

This long overdue portrait was delivered this week.   I am finally caught up.  I am attending a Ray Roberts workshop this week in Bodega Bay.  I am looking to expand my plein air knowledge, and Ray is  experienced in plein air.  I have bad mouthed plein air painting in the past, but that is because I am full of crap--so there!  Next weekend I am attending the American Artist painting with the masters thing in Dana Point, Ca.  I want to see if Lipking, Gerhartz, Weistling et. al. know something that I don't already know--I will let you know what I found out that they knew before I knew that they did now.

I am going through a massive financial re-organization designed to free me from the mountain of debt that I have serviced for 20 years.  How I acheived this position is none of your damn business--unless you really want to know--but you must ask nicely--as Nicholson said to Cruz in a "Few Good Men".  In short--I got there the same way you did!  If you are not there yet--then you will be there soon. This is another way of saying that bankruptacy and forclosure are my bed fellows.  Yes I am a failure, I could not cut it, I am now stigmatized, a looser, can't even spell, I suck, I am cast out, thrown in the pile where all things end.  God--it feels soooo good!  Only in America!  Chapter 7 and forclosure are so sweet.  You should try them.  You will feel better--I promise.

It helps to be 64, on Social Security,  close to Medicare, and not giver a damn about your credit score.  After a year or so of study about the banking system in America, about credit card ethics, about government bailouts, about my out of control spending and self-indulgence--I decided it was time to act so........

I can make six figures at will so money is not the problem.  The problem is how I will handle all of this new found freedom from debt--this deliverance from the norms, morees, and aceptances that drive the American Dream.  Should I just play golf, watch TV and die?  I have always wanted to live on the streets--so this may be my chance.  Maybe I should pass out bibles in Iran--that's it!

OK, OK--I am OK!--OK?

What I do know is that many of you are in the same crapper.  So follow your leader as he goes green, goes local, goes organic, goes slim--as he paints masterpieces and gives them away--as he moons the system and tumbles into the sunset never to be seen or heard or thought of again by the collective.  Come on!  Who loves ya?  I'm back?  Ya missed me didn't ya?  Always, Don


  1. Your clients must have been thrilled with this portrait. Beautiful!

  2. Welcome back Don! You have been missed. Can't stop long as I'm in recovery - not alcohol or drugs (sadly?) - but head injury. Beautiful bankruptcy. The whole money system is a scam anyway, and the monetary system just imagines money out of thin air. Hence the complete devaluation of your pound/dollar. The bank owns 'your money'. It's all an illusion. Stash your money under the mattress and floor boards. Vive la revolution!

  3. Cher Don,
    Magnifique toile que vous nous faites admirer...
    A très bientôt peut-être en France!

  4. Don, you are my hero. The portrait is fabulous and full of life, just like you. I have missed your gritty honesty and humor.. I haven't painted in months, maybe this will inspire me to get going again....
    Life is short.. eat dessert first..

  5. Oh my, the double portrait is awesome! No wonder I look to you for guidance. That white shirt is amazing...

    Have fun at the workshop. Its my turn next weekend. Would have been fun to take one together.

    Glad you're back. Are we to expect frequent post now? We do love your words of wisdom.

  6. Masterful painting, Don!

    I really appreciated the profuse profundity of your observations....pithy indeed. What interesting times we are living in.

  7. Don,
    Thank you for posting this beautiful piece. I miss you lots. I must get my act together enough to come to Tuesday class. Welcome back. I wish I was going to the Masters Weekend. I'm hoping to go next year, so please let me know if it is worth the drive. I so badly want to meet Quang Ho and see his work. Are you driving? Maybe I can hitch a ride....

  8. Wonderful painting Don. I enjoy just looking at it. Wow.

  9. drop dead gorgeous....very very fortunate people to get this portrait...