Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hatfied on Recon

Last week it was three days with Ray Roberts.  This week end I am in Jeremy Lipking's one day workshop and will attend evening demos by Dan Gerharts and Lipking.  I am attending these events to rob their collector base, steal their ideas, knock off their successes, copy their technique, and to be a general pain in the ass--should be fun!

I will attempt to divert their attention from their work with dirty jokes, stupid questions, weird noises and by just being myself.  I was always a bad boy in my school days, and things haven't changed much in six decades. 

Questions I will be asking:  1.  How much has your net worth decreased in the last 18 months?
                                             2.  Are you looking around for other work?
                                             3.  Do you think I can make it as an artist?

I will report the answers to these and other questions.

I would give anything to be on this celebrity list, but I am thrilled to just breath the same air as these greats.  I plan to suck up to the vendors for free art supplies--I often steal paint, brushes, and all of the samples I can stuff in that bag they supply you.  Tom Lynch once got a Rolex from Raphael Art as a gift for endorsing their products.  Maybe I can get on a "free" list.  Its just that nobody remembers me.  O well.  Its kinda fun to creep around un-noticed.  I wear my dark glasses so that the security folks can't see what I am really staring at.

Who loves ya?  Don


  1. Try talking to your imaginary friend while in class too....

  2. Bring a big can of beans to the bonfire Don!

  3. Go with God, my friend. Always go with God.