Monday, June 14, 2010

See You In Maine on July 16 through 18

Napa Valley Artist Don Hatfield to Hold Painting Workshop in Lewiston

Artist, Don Hatfield, will teach a 3-day oil painting workshop at L/A Arts' DownStage on July 16-17-18. It will involve two days of figure painting and one day of portraiture, with optional still life studies set up. Cost for all three days is $330, but 2-day and 1-day slots are also available.

Many consider Hatfield one of the most innovative impressionists of our time, whose style of painting softly blends the figures of realism with the gentle touch of classic impressionism. His masterful use of color and light draw the viewer to his intimate serene scenes. Although his work is traditional in concept and technique, his works portray strong quiet emotions through subtle but rich textures, and with warm and inviting hues.

Having first been a pastel artist, Hatfield’s painting technique involves sculpting form with gray tones and adding pronounced color over. His ability and results are amazing. It is no wonder that he has collectors from Asia, Europe and the US. His works have been on covers of magazines and some have even appeared in films.

As an individual, Hatfield is comical and animated. He is an experienced teacher, holding ongoing classes in and near his Napa Valley home. He works with students at whatever level they are at and gives individual attention as needed.   Though laid back in his teaching method, he is very serious about painting. He has a wealth of knowledge and is committed to sharing it. Video clips of his teaching, from his newest DVD Fantasy Portraits In the Garden, can be viewed on his website: Images of his artwork and an on-going blog  that reveals a sense of his personality and style are on Don’s website as well.

Hatfield will be visiting Maine for the first time this summer, creating a unique opportunity for local artists and students of art to study and paint with a talented West Coast artist who has over 40 years of experiences to share.  The workshop will be held at The Downstage at L/A Arts, # 5 Canal St. Alley, Lewiston (just off the first block of Pine Street). Friday and Sunday will focus on portraiture and Saturday will focus on figure in a costume.  Register on line at . For more information contact L/A Arts, (207) 782-7228.

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contact info:
Cheri Donahue, Marketing Director
L/A Arts  221 Lisbon Street  Lewiston, Maine 04240  ph. (207) 782-7228  fax (207) 782-8192 


  1. How did this happen? I move all the way across the country AWAY from Maine, and then you go and hold a workshop there. I think New Mexico needs equal time. Say, September?
    Be warned, though, Don... them Maineacs as we call 'em talk kinda funny. You might need to get an interpreter.
    And bring bug spray... lots of bug spray....

  2. Don, don't let Deb scare you away. I don't talk any funnier than you do!

    Can't wait until you get here. Do you have a date for me yet? (arrival date...) Mike and I really look forward to hosting you.

    Talk to you soon...

  3. I will miss you s-o-o-o much; but I guess we have to share.