Saturday, June 12, 2010

Portrait Refurbishment

This is a redo of the portrait I posted formerly (see May 16, Only One Spirit below).  I knew the old one was not right, but I tried to convince myself that it was--the result--three extra weeks of misery before I finally destroyed it--stretcher bars and all--in the dumpster.  This can happen when we get in a hurry, are careless, and are not present in the process--so be mindful.  It really felt good to take the razor blade to the first attempt.  Please don't tell me you like the first one better--or course you don't know the client, so--you have nothing to compare it to--but trust me--the second one is far superior.  Now I can ship it off two months past due.  My wife actually hates Bob, the client, and will be glad to see him go--I exhausted her with critique requests, and she doesn't like to hear her christian holy man turn the air blue with his extended cuss word vocubulary.  I was so out of practice with portraiture--but not now!  I'll have to wait for the old farts from New York to retire before I make my big national push.  What's that company, Portraits Inc. or something?  There are even these big parties where all the portrait painters gather to check out the competition and agents try to gain control of the willing --sounds like art hell to me.  I do enjoy the exactitude that portraits require.  If you are out of touch with values it will really show up in the effort.  Anyway, if I can paint your house cat or your ex-wife's attorney--let me know.  Sergei Bongart used to call portraiture the second oldest profession--I wonder what he meant.


  1. You were right--better values, much less solemn, more personality, more emphasis on the head, etc. Big money in those university/government/CEO portraits; the second oldest profession may be more profitable than the oldest, especially for practitioners of a certain age. Would be nice if you could find a way to bypass the parasitic agents.

  2. Connie: Love your comments--so smart--and I adore the little digs--Yours, Hatfield

  3. I like the unfinished,ripped canvas. It's interesting. Intended or not, it looks like surreal art. Check out Magritte.