Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Your Big Okie Dokie Appreciated

I've been blogging seriously now for a few weeks and am grateful for the sense of community it is creating. I have been teaching at S-12 in Sacremento for almost a year and am glad to be a part of that scene too. Blogging and teaching, then, have broken the spell of isolation that has characterized my art life since 1988 when I signed my soul away to an art publishing company in exchange for a big, fat, certain income. That all shut down in 2004, and I have been chasing my tail ever since--and coming from me, that is saying alot. Family, friends, agents, gurus, well wishers and art pushers have offered well meaning advice on what I should do to keep my work "out there." I have learned one thing for sure--talk is cheap, and money buys whiskey.

There is a substantial crowd "out there" that has seen or purchased Hatfield graphics and oil paintings for a few decades now. The thing is--they are all aged. They are living in retirement villages, pushing walkers, carrying little white dogs in their purses--they have hearing aids, pace makers, and titanium knees and hips. The wonderful thing is--these are my peers, this is my age group, I am one on them! At 63 I have tried and failed at 100 stay young, eat right, and look good programs. I give up! Give me my bacon, my tobacco, my sugar and channel changer and leave me alone! My fantasy body has cut abs, tight protruding buttocks, a small waist, and a "V" shaped torso--it just hasn't shown up in the mirror yet. What has shown up in my life is a group of people who actually read what I write, and who tolerate my oil painting tid bits.

So then, I feel surrounded by a cloud of spectators who are waiting to see what I paint or hear what I say--or at least it seems so for the moment. This may be a fantasy, but it is energizing none the less. I seem to need it. This cyber world was made for me. I have not felt so at home since my third Christmas in 1950 when my family all gathered around the Christmas tree in Lake Elsinore, California. I now know how Jesus is going to return to the earth! It has been revealed to me. He is going to show up in Facebook, create a blog, go viral, then virtual, and then stream into every hand held device. Those who have Blackberrys will ascend to heaven--those who only have lap tops will burn in hell. The Macs will gather on the right hand of the Father--the PC's will gather on the left--I better stop here. The coffee has just kicked in, and my imagination is going off.

Anyway, I sarted this post just wanting to say thanks for the encouragement and thoughtful responses and I got lost along the way--but I am back to center now. I gotta get ready to drive over to Sac for my class--o yes, I gotta empty the cat box first. Always, Don


  1. Don, I am soooo happy to have been pointed to your blog by another bloggersphere friend, Frank Ordaz. For the most part, I think technology has isolated and insulated us from real connections. These blogs prove the exception to the rule, and I am very grateful for the chance to virtually walk with you on this wacky journey of life, faith, art and everything else along the way.

    One question. Is it possible for you to add an email subscription option to your blog?
    That way we followers could see every new post show up in our inbox. How cool would that be?

    ps. I'm about there with you in the age thing and I've decided to get in shape. "Pear" is the shape I've decided on.

  2. Yeah, we're reading... And we're enjoying the read. If it makes you feel good, by all means, keep it coming!

  3. This is a good thing. Keep at it. It must be a good feeling also, for you to be connected. God is really working in your life!!
    Anyway, you are good at it....you have a lot to give - but I already knew that.

  4. Deb:I am still trying to figure out how to add a subscription feature to my blog, but....