Tuesday, September 15, 2015

An Orphan's Dream

Here is the dream of a 5 year old, Eva Winkler,  shortly after she was orphaned by the murder of her mother by her daddy:  (parentheses and punctuation inserted)

I dreamed there were…” two seats and one seat inside dad’s car and one car behind and three seats inside mom’s car.  We were all happy together, and we went on a picnic. Once we got there we were laying on the grass looking at the clouds.  We saw a baby angel in the shape of a lamb in the clouds—a lot of happiness together—me,  Alex (9 months), Ariel (2 )years.  Once we got home, were were playing, and once it was night time we all went to sleep and when it was morning we went to the picnic, and after the picnic we laid and watched the clouds—the heart shape of the cloud came down on our family—a triangle cloud—and it was a happy ending—the heart shaped cloud came down on all of our family."

I found this forgotten file the other day and was moved by it as you may imagine.  The images are so poignant that I thought it was alright to share--the lamb, the heart, the clouds etc.  It is a Jungian treasure trove of meaning.  As a Christian I can only wait on God to reveal the final meaning of this loving, reconciling, healing vision.  My guess is that it prefigures a "...new heaven and a new earth in which righteousness dwells...where God will wipe away every tear.."  And where the work of the Lamb of God will be complete.  

It is amazing how such dreams and visions arise in a wounded child.  In this often dark world I need a few of these myself from time to time--my life is organized around such visions, such in-breaking of clarity, such revelations.  We are not orphans are we?  I celebrate daily my guardianship of Rachel's three gifts to the planet and look to God to shepherd His little lambs.

In two days I fly to NY to tape an interview on a live talk show, Security Brief.  I tend to get wired up for this stuff--pray for my soul!  

See ya down the road,  Don


  1. Thanks for sharing this Don, it blesses us all. You have a gift for writing as well as painting. Have fun in NY and "break a leg".

  2. No words. Love to you and your babies.

  3. thank you for sharing this. You and your family have my thoughts and prayers