Thursday, March 6, 2014


It is amazing how difficult it is to hold on to the effect of light, skin tone, mood, and composition all at once.  I should have gone into portrait painting--which is a piece of cake compared to painting multiple full figures in one scene.  Sergei Bongart called portrait painting the "...second oldest profession..." That is a brutal statement, but....  Anyway we all do what we can do--right?  I think I received a message from God that my oil painting future is virtually guaranteed, so I can stop worrying about sales.  There is this gallery in New Jersey that sells everything I send them.  I must be under charging.  I am settling into a new 5 bedroom house--painting in the garage with the washer, dryer, and lawn mower.  I really don't miss my 2000 sq. ft. studio in the mountains--to many mosquitos!  I think I am doing a workshop in Michigan if anybody signs up--early August.  Talk to ya down the road.  Don

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  1. Hi Don, so glad to hear your are set in your career as an artist extraordinare.
    I hope the transition to the new home goes well for everyone. You are never far from my thoughts and always in my prayers. Blessings!