Wednesday, August 29, 2012


This is as re-do with more of a compressed design for a collector in Omaha


  1. So beautiful, Don. I do hope things are going more smoothly for you and the children these days. Keeping good thoughts and prayers for you all. Your collector should love this.

  2. Gorgeous! Love the happy family scene. Love the back lighting. Hope your finding peaceful time to paint. God bless.

  3. Love your reflected colors. They always grabbed me. You sent me a card with the original version of this. You're redo is beautiful...

    I finished my workshop on color Friday. It went very well and the Grange space was wonderful: open, well-lit and inviting to work in. Got a minute? We should talk. Miss you.

  4. I like this one better! It's warmer (yet feels shadier), the light effects are beautiful (especially the light through the trees, love the bright cushion added in the chair--everything about it rocks.

  5. Hey Don
    I think you deserve a Leibster Award for your blogging efforts. Please visit this page on my blog for full instructions, and a short explanation of what a Leibster Award is.

    So sorry there isn't a Lobster with the Leibster!

    Here's the link