Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pulitzer Prize Winner Renee Byer Photographs Don Hatfield and Children

These photos will give you a sense of my new life with my three grandchildren, Eva, Ariel, and Alex.  I will give all of you more on future blogs.  Underneath are the Everlasting Arms--God is really pouring out HIs love on us from every direction--it's amazing.  More later--Love to all, Don


  1. Dear Don, Eva, Ariel and Alex,
    Thank you for the photos which show how you are masterfully surrounded in His perfect love. It is answers to many prayers to see you in your New life.
    Looking forward to more moments of joy and learning in the future.
    Thank you again and love always,

  2. Un reportage photographique merveilleux... Un livre de photos d'une nouvelle vie s'ouvre... je vous embrasse tous très fort.

  3. Oh Don, the pictures are lovely! You're a wonderful man and excellent grandfather to take on these lively children at your age. Yes God has kept your strong and fit and with good reason. Love the cow painting on the wall. I didn't realize it was that big.

    I pray God keeps you with boundless energy as your new life unfolds...

    Ballet lessons? Art supplies??? You're the best!

  4. Lifting you and your precious babes up in prayer this morning. Praying especially for strength for everything you need to do. Karla