Monday, October 10, 2011

Another Shot At Old Theme

Sunlit Memories

I've done this before, but I like this 24by36 version.  Talk to ya later,  Don


  1. Gorgeous. And now I know I guessed right.

  2. Great composition. I love the way the golden light moves your eye through the scene. I love it. You amaze me.

  3. Stunning! You can feel the warmth of the light. This will shine on any wall where it might hang.

  4. Don, I'm always in awe of your beautiful paintings and really enjoy viewing them. You and your beautiful wife often come into my thoughts so I send you both uplifting energy and goodness. . . . . Nora

  5. Mes yeux s'écarquillent... ils ne savent plus où s'attarder dans un premier temps, tant la beauté de cette oeuvre interpelle.
    Puis petit à petit, pour ne rien laisser perdre, ils caressent chaque parcelle, chaque touche. La délicatesse, la sérénité, les couleurs font que je me sens profondément émue en admirant cette peinture. Vous êtes un séducteur mon cher!
    Gros bisous
    ps : Je ne pense pas que le traducteur Google saura trouver la finesse des mots appropriés à juste titre pour votre peinture... désolée!

    My eyes widen ... they do not know where to dwell at first, as the beauty of this work calls.
    Then little by little, to leave nothing to lose, they caress each plot, each key. The delicacy, serenity, are the colors that I feel deeply moved by admiring this painting. You are a deceiver my dear!
    big kiss
    ps: I do not think the Google translator will find the delicacy of the appropriate words correctly for your painting ... sorry!

  6. Wonderful, my friend, as always. You inspire me.. this one tells a story - it has power.
    Much love to you and Janey - thoughts and prayers continue..