Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thoughts of You From My New Cell

...And here am I, where all things end, and undesirables are hurled--a poor old man without a friend--forgot and lost to all the world--clean out of sight and out of mind--well....maybe it is better so.  We all in life our level find, and mine, I guess is pretty low.

These words from Service seem appropriate at 1:40 AM after painting all day.  Yes I am back at it.  I love it more than ever.  Work is pouring in this month for some reason.  The Hatfield brand is still alive after all these years.  I made $1400.25 last month.  The $1400 was from Social Security, and the 25 cents from a quarter I won on the putting green--I sunk a twenty footer!  I am planning some blockbuster blogs with video attachments--so get ready!  The window over my left shoulder is the first north light source I have ever had in a studio.  My tiny new trash can to my right has a spring loaded lid--whoopee!  The window fan is on the floor because I just removed it from the sill to yell at the neighbors below--"...shut the hell up!" Everything is perfect.  Watch out!  Who loves ya?  Talk to ya later.  l gotta go watch another three hours of TV before the sun rises over Napa Valley, CA.   Don

PS--I have sworn off chew!  I have been tobacco free for 2 hours, 17 minutes and 20, no 27 seconds.   Thought you should know.  There is some chocolate cream pie in the fridge I am going to finish off as a reward.


  1. LOL....I thought you were talking about a new cell phone with internet access not a studio. You are so full of surprises, Don. Bet mine is smaller than yours (10 x 10). I have northern light and western light, nyah! Doesn't mean I'm painting any better but I can see in two directions at the same time. We had snow again, oh crap! Now I have to help shovel. Don't they know shoveling is bad for an artist's wrists? Guess I'll have to put a white canvas on the easel and call it "Snow Day." Enjoy that sun Don, you don't know how good you have it!

  2. Don, you have me laughing as usual. So glad to hear you're finally painting. I hope we get to see images soon. Will you ever paint some of those Singapore scenes you told me about? Glad to hear you're off the chew, at least for the moment... Hope it lasts.

    Yes, I'll send you emails soon...

  3. Dad! Perfect timing, Jim's got some cigars to celebrate!

    Love you, see you....Rachel

  4. Gee, Don, you look.... uh, happy.

    Hey, at least you have windows. My windowless basement "studio" (I use the term loosely) also serves as a spare bedroom. Which is handy when I want to take a nap because painting is such hard work!
    Can't wait to see what you come up with! I watched your DVD again - wishing I could take a workshop in person.

  5. When you said in your previous post, "I have stopped painting altogether," I considered saying that perhaps this is an indication it is time to STOP ruminating and just paint--because for better or worse, painting is what you DO. But the "stoppage" didn't last long. Whoo-hoo!

  6. looking good Don! Just did a look through your collection on line, and once again was BLOWN AWAY by the beauty of so much of the work--"Celebration" is just SO GOOD--and so many others--these works bring a real experience of Light and Love--healing, holy--not a small thing.

    thank you, and blessings always

    Dave Schock