Sunday, May 16, 2010

Only One Spirit

There are many spirits so-called in the world.  I like to think that there is only one spirit,  and that is the Holy Spirit.  Spirit of this--spirit of that--especially art spirit--what a waste!--the Holy Spirit is the only one I trust, and I think She is a beautiful woman who carries a flaming, razor sharp, two edged sword ready to cut down anything that would hurt Her babies.  I have heard that prayer changes things--foowy!  Prayer changes the prayee--the world only changes secondarily.  Half--no, more than half--of the things we pray for would kill us if they were granted.  I think God only answers prayers that keep us safe and whole.  I am becoming an old guy now (63 today), and all I really want to do is to die in peace and unafraid.  The problem is--I won't get the grace to do that until the time comes.  I wouldn't miss dying--the notion of a sudden exit from the ground to meet Jesus in the air, as some believe, is scary as hell itself--like Freddie Krugar, the chainsaw killer.  I have had sex, learned to drive a car, flown an airplane, had grandkids, been married three times, gone bankrupt, been forclosed (rather modified), hit one home run in Little League, and made touchdowns on the football field--what's left?  I have been so happy lately that I can hardly stand it.  My art career is in full gear at long last.  I feel that great things are about to happen to me--like finding a chewing tobacco that won't make me sick--I can't wait.  I am trying to cut some deals with the Holy Spirit as I write that will help me sink 4 foot putts--keep me in your prayers.

Here is  portrait I did for a friend.  It is kind of tight, but what can I say--I am not perfect--Don


  1. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY", Don . . . . and Blessings too.

  2. Hi Don,

    I commend you for the courage to write this post! Yes, you are blessed. As some of us know, God's team is always the winning team. I foresee more than one home run in your future! You're certainly on the right track.

    I've been doing my homework and will be in touch soon...

    Happy birthday my friend. Love your honesty.

  3. Happy birthday Don. Thanks for a thoughtful post.

  4. People probably do want their portraits to look like them. As always, your color layering is beautiful. Maybe we should all work in pastel for a few years before picking up a brush?!
    I think you are so right about prayer; sometimes those non-answers are a "severe mercy"--hard to see as such until much later.
    Happy Birthday. Please be careful on the road--we still need you here.

  5. Joyeux anniversaire... C'est une véritable coquetterie quand on est aussi jeune que de fêter son anniversaire...
    Il vous reste encore tant à faire... Effectivement votre vie est déjà bien pleine, mais encore incomplète... Alors au travail !

  6. Happy Birthday Don!
    Lives touched by the Holy Spirit, usually touch the lives of others.
    I pray thanks to have found your blog.

  7. Happy 63!!! Heck, you're just getting started! Moses was 80 when he started back to Egypt to face Pharoah. Imagine starting your life work at 80!!
    God never wastes experience, and those 40 years of wandering in the desert taught him how to survive, how to manage - that came in sort of handy when he led the people out into the wilderness.
    So, whatever your life experience or wilderness wanderings have been, now it is touched by the gracious and merciful hand of God, who can make it a thing of beauty.
    Your gritty honesty and refusal to be put in a box are so refreshing. I think Jesus smiles. I know I do...

  8. Hi Dad! Did you send the painting? I think this upload shows something I was thinking about when I was looking at it in person. Love you!