Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Today I found out that Jerry's Artarama is releasing my new teaching video entitled "Fantasy Portraits in the Garden"--or something like that.  This is a two hour video of me chasing my tail around Burning Oaks Studio in Raleigh, NC--teaching twelve unsuspecting victims how to paint a garden scene using a live indoor model.  If it is like the first one (Fantasy Portraits at Sea) it will feature Yours Truly with big gut, food on shirt, and lots of heavy breathing--and, O yes, styled out hair derived from sleeping on the floor the night before.  I am comforted by the fact that April Tolliver, a world class video editor,  did the trailer and most of the post production--should be interesting--destined to be another cult classic!  Twelve million copies were pre-ordered by the People's Republic as an example of what can happen in the capitalistic West if you attend art classes with Don Hatfield--BOY THAT'LL TEACH'EM!  Obama will comment on the video tonight on C-Spam.  WOW I just got call from Dr. Phil's people asking me to appear in person and explain why the trailer is causing mass histaria in Times Square!  Woa!  Tiger Wood's agent wants to hire me as a putting guru--what have I done!  What in hell does Warren Buffet want--I have to answer his call--just a minute--Guess what?--he wants me to appear with him at the next G8 summit!  These people are such a bother.  It's not easy being a representational artist these days--O well.... Hope you are smiling--most of the above is true--I'll let you decide.  Don


  1. I want an autographed copy!

  2. Glad to see you're back, and in full wit, I might add!

    Congrats on the video release. Hope the Russians really come through!

  3. Susan: When Jerry's releases it--it will be available through Jerry's Artarama--I'll post the trailer as soon as I get it.

  4. I have been slowly selling off my charished Beatles collection to fund my painting supplies and how to workshops!
    The 'Butcher' album is now gone, and I fear the lunch box may be next..
    (But I won't leggo my Ringo!)
    I any event, I hope to trade one art for another.
    Since I garden, I suppose I'll want to get one.
    (Always wanted to paint the wife and kids in the garden!)

  5. Don. . . Congratulations!
    I bought "Fantasy Portraits At Sea" several months ago at Jerry's. Really looking forward to "Fantasy Portraits In The Garden" now.

    PS: I can't thank you enough for your article on grays and unified colors.

  6. Congratulations on this. As a video producer, I know what an accomplishment this is.

    Which DVD of yours would you suggest to see your grey to more vibrant color approach in action? Thanks!

  7. Jeremy: The only difference in the videos is in the format--demo vs. class setting. If I remember correctly, I do more yapping in the "Garden" video--I am not divided between painting and teaching as much. You may get something out of the comments I make on the paintings in the second video. The "grey" thing is just the way I lay down paint--seeking the "general" color of an area is the same for me as working grey to rich. I put down the general color, later I add richer color. I save the richest color for ony certain areas of the painting that I deem important. Don't let me confuse you. I think many artists work this way, but unconsciously so. I combine the grey to rich dialectic with the big mass approach and so on. More later--I hope this helps, Jeremy. Always Brother, Don