Monday, February 15, 2010

Still Life With Tangerines

I just found this old slide of a still life I did in 1982--done in my garage shortly after arriving in Napa, CA--I had just finished my studies with Don Puttman, Sergei Bongart, and Dan Mccaw in SoCal and did not know what to paint--so I just painted what interested me--the thing is--I have not painted anything better in 28 years!--scary! Dan Pinkham and his cronies were having an exhibit in the Monterey Museum of art sponsered by American Artist magazine, when they saw this painting hanging in the entrance of Gallatin's restaurant accross from the museum. How it arrived there I don't know--I had sold it two years earlier to some art agent for $500.00. The comment from the exhibiting artists was: "...what old master painted this beauty?" When they saw my signature, they all laughed in astonishment--"'s Hatfield!" This was the greatest response I have ever received from real art critics. Kinda makes you wonder what art progess really is. In those days I was chasing value and color rather stupidly--I was just throwing the paint around, hoping it would land in the right place--anything seemed like a possible answer. My passion was way ahead of my technique, and some good things were happening--until I hit on the beach scenes and became a money making robot for two decades. Ah, but there it time! I'm not done yet!


  1. That Hatfield is a real McCoy!(I could not resist..sorry)
    Don, I saw your painting demo at Franks blog, and you really caught my attention.
    I also was a money robot for two decades,(gilding and commercial art) now I've been cast onto the junk heap.
    Although I'm rusty, I'm learning to paint. I
    hope to pick myself up and dust myself off.
    I've got a few miles left in me and want to make the best of it! Hope to glean somethings
    from you.

  2. Hey, if I can get as good as you were 20 years ago, I'll be happy!

  3. Don, I'm a lot older than you but only started painting at age 50. I've enjoyed 20 years of moderate success but these last few months have me wanting to grow in other directions and styles of painting. It's an exciting painting experience. Your blog came into being just at the right time for me. Just want to say "Many Thanks to You"

  4. I intend to throw it all out on the table--a lot of it will fall through the cracks, but some stuff will actually land on a plate somewhere. The fact that blogging is public journaling has given me incentive to write--something I have avoided for 40 years--writing in commuity is a gift to me--thanks for the above comments.

  5. Don, I think you talk, write and paint all the same way. You just throw it all out there and then pick and choose and refine and polish and think and then throw some more out on top! It is all uninhibited, and wild, and spontaneous, and terribly attractive. I think your unfinished work is your most beautiful work because all that raw energy and unfiltered emotion is exposed.

  6. Thanks, K--you should know--you see it all--for better or worse.