Friday, February 12, 2010

Early Riser

Things are clear at 2:00 AM. I ripped my right hand and arm trying to start my chain saw to get some firewood so I don't freeze up here among the redwoods. Now I can't golf. So now I am stuck painting--life's a bitch! I feel the Holy Ghost closing in on me and warming me up to embrace Jesus and God. I know this sounds strange, but remember its 2:00 AM here. I really can't wait to start painting--I will start in about 20 minutes after the coffee is ready. There are two big old dogs sleeping in front of my studio fireplace, but guess what--no wood! So they can shiver too! I have been running my mouth in the blog sphere lately and I am feeling that I better paint to see if I am as good as I want everybody to think I am. One thing is for sure--painting heals the dislexic, focuses the soul, quiets the spirit, raises hope, and helps you go broke! As my Jungian therapist said to me years ago--"....Don, when you are working (painting) you are are cavorting with the are fulfilling your destiny...all worries disappear..." Yeah right! Whatever! But...guess what? He may be right! So here I go!


  1. Kick some ass, boss~

  2. OK--I think I'll just go back to bed!

  3. Big Baby ... now if you cut off ur arm then I think you could cry..... ;v)


  4. I can tell right now this is going to be real fun!

  5. I see you're not getting any sympathy here, Don.
    But really, golf is just God's way of telling you that you have too much free time. Running, now THAT's a pasttime that has merit.
    I think this is gonna be a fun ride... burn the furniture if you need a fire.